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+1 Extension for Glock 36

SKU: 2586
+1 magazine extension for Glock 36.

Provides a better grip — better accuracy
Finally, a +1 magazine extension for G36 owners that also provides a much better grip! Because you have a better grip, your accuracy will improve dramatically. This unit makes the G36 the perfect concealed carry Glock!

The Glock 36 handgun is a fantastic pairing of .45ACP power in a slim, easily concealable package, with only two real drawbacks — a 6-round capacity and a somewhat shorter grip, which makes it difficult to achieve a consistent shooting grip, affecting both your speed and accuracy.

This new extension allows you to get a solid grip on your handgun, making you more consistent with every shot. It also adds an additional round of capacity, giving you that extra bit of stopping power with every magazine.

Available in Silver, Black, or Red. Aluminum construction.
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Great +1 extension for G36


I like this extension a lot better than the Pearce +1 extension that is nearly impossible to find. Personally this one gives me a much better grip/feel and better accuracy too. I definitely recommend this one if you’re looking to add an extra round to your G36.

Great for G36


Makes the G36 much better to handle because of its small size. Worth every dollar !

Textured finish would be better


It does the job well enough but I prefer the Pearce +1 extension, that is unavailable now. I find this extension to be somewhat slick, as it is smooth finished aluminum with no texture at all. I plan to get some kind of grip material and make a textured cover for the extension to fix this issue as this was for my daily carry spare mags.