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Ultimate Pyramid Trigger

SKU: 1096
The Ultimate Kit is the top of the line in the Pyramid Trigger System.

When selecting the colors for your Pyramid Trigger, the first color is the shoe and the second color is the safety. For example, the Black/Gold selection is a black shoe with a gold safety.

NOTE: Due to the wide variety of colors available, as well as the number of Glock models, most Pyramid Triggers are built to order. It may take up to 10 business days to build, test, and ship your trigger.

Additionally, when ordering your Pyramid Trigger, please be aware that the Gen3 SF Models use the same slim trigger housing as Gen4 Glock Handguns. As such, please select a Gen4 trigger when ordering triggers for these handguns.
Our uniquely identified gold trigger bar is coated with Titanium Nitride. This coating is extremely hard, and friction-free, which helps give the Pyramid Trigger a crisp, consistent, and even break … allowing you total control of your speed and accuracy.

The Ultimate Kit also includes our Skeletonized Striker with extended firing pin; Titanium Safety Plunger featuring rounded shoulders and friction-free coating; complete Competition Spring Kit; and the Double Diamond 3.5 lb. Connector.

As with all of our Pyramid Trigger Systems, you can choose from over 40 different trigger/safety color combinations.

Visit the GlockStore YouTube channel for complete, easy-to-follow instructions for both the installation and adjustment procedures. You also enjoy “live fire” demonstrations of this indispensable Glock shooting accessory.

Your Pyramid Trigger may need some adjustment to suit your preferences when installing into your gun. For questions on installation, please call GlockStore customer service to speak to a Glock Certified Armorer.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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The lightest trigger pull I have ever encountered!


The lightest trigger pull I have ever encountered! The crisp trigger pull made for increased speed and accuracy.

Crazy smooth!


I installed the kit in under 20 minutes. I can't explain how smooth and light the trigger pull is. Awesome trigger!



I ordered one of these for one of my G19s - never replaced a trigger before, and was a little nervous. The GS youtube videos walked me through it like it was nothing. Action is so smooth and it impressed me so much, I just ordered another for my other G19...

Simply Amazing


I own 2@ of these complete kits and would not own a Glock without one. Takes out all the slack of factory trigger and took my shots from a 6 in . Group to a 2 in group. Amazed !!!! Hey one and see for yourself

Smooth and crisp!


By far, the best I have experienced. Smooth action, quick reset and a quality product. Can't go wrong here!

Pleased with the Ultimate Pyramid Trigger on my 10mm


I put the ultimate trigger set in my Glock 40. Really does make the best out of Glock's quirky little trigger group. The Pyramid trigger breaks much cleaner than the factory group. I rate the break improvement first in what it offers, followed by improved and lighter take-up, then lastly its quick reset. The skeletonized striker is also quite nice and the extended tip strikes the primer deeply. I also have a G17 with the factory group which I'll likely convert when I catch another Pyramid trigger sale from GS. Great work Lenny and Team!



This is legitimately the best trigger system for Glock. I was so impressed with the increase in accuracy from the lighter more crisp trigger pull, I had to get one for my G41. Lenny doesn’t lie when he says it is a vast improvement over the factory setup. Well done!

Fantastic with tweaking


The trigger is fantastic!! With that said, it was not drop in and go. It took many hours and many, many adjustments to get the trigger to function the way I wanted it too. I would not suggest this trigger to someone who is not willing to work with it. If you do not have basic gunsmithing skills this is probably not for you, however when you get it right there is absolutely no better trigger on the market!!!

1911 to Glock 34


I went to the Glock Store yesterday to get this installed and it’s probably the most drastic upgrade I’ve done. Coming from the 1911 (also modified trigger) I was not happy with the Glock trigger. This trigger has made me convert to my Glock for my preferred gun. The trigger pull feels great, and I can’t say that enough. The Ultimate Pyramid trigger really puts the Glock trigger to shame.

This Is The Real Deal


I installed the Pyramid Ultimate Package in my 17 Gen 3 and could not be more impressed (with the Pyramid). I am all but certain to have taken a least 1 lb. off the pull, the travel and reset are outstanding and the over travel is all but non existent. This was my first trigger job and while it was not as easy as Lenny makes it look in his video; it wasn’t that much more difficult either. I will be putting one in my 19 Gen 5 very soon and would gladly recommend this product to anyone wishing to improve their performance as well as enjoyment.



I was a bit skeptical about spending so much for a new trigger. I had my eye on it for a few weeks and then they had the Memorial Day discount so I decided to give it a shot. If you have no previous experience installing a trigger, just follow the videos, which is what I did. I feel like I'm shooting a new gun with 100% accuracy! I have owned my 17 for years and it was my least favorite. Now, it is my absolute favorite to shoot (sorry 1911)! Well worth it!!!!

Happy Camper :)


Thx, GlockStore...I recently visited the SanDegio Store & took the Armorers Class ($75...worth it) Upgraded my G19 Gen4 to a Ultimate Pyramid Trigger...2 days later I took it to the closest range & ran 150 rounds thru it ( in less than 30 min)....like butter...I will admit I was nervous about shipping it off for any length of time but it was worth it...I know I could have installed it having watched multi vids multi times, but was not so sure about minute adjustments, trying to keep 3 diff set screws as close to nominal as possible...Whew so happy...peace

Doesn’t work with the .22 adapter!


Yes the pyramid trigger works and does what it made up tp do, really improved trigger pull, but it doesn’t work when using the .22 adapter For my Glock . Yes springs can be changed, but is that what you want to do, practice with the same trigger pull !

Excellent Upgrade


Initially I was just looking for a flat trigger in order to have a better feel on my trigger pull. When shooting timed tactical skills every advantage helps. I took a chance and purchased the complete Ultimate Pyramid Flat Trigger Assembly. Installation was relatively easy and came with easy to follow instructions. The trigger came with initial travel and reset positions preset. With the way that I shoot, I feel that the factory settings are spot-on. There is basically no initial trigger travel (slack) with a crisp break. The trap/reset is minimal giving quick and clean follow-on shots. Shoot times have improved and accuracy is consistent. No regrets in purchasing the complete trigger assembly and would definitely recommend this upgrade to anyone.

Video Made it simple


I followed Lenny’s video step by step, and within 30 minutes I was done.
Crisp trigger, short reset and all without breaking out that tiny little hex wrench.

Fear not! Watch the video and follow his instructions as well as the tips and tricks. I really appreciate the quality of the product, and the video series.

Thanks, Lenny.

A Must Have For Every Glock Owner!


Absolute pure perfection in trigger design! It feels like ultra smooth and crisp. With half the pre/post travel it has helped me considerably in my accuracy and double tap time. My friend has the Zev trigger and after going to the range with me.... He purchased a Pyramid Trigger Kit. Enough said, this produce is Phenomenal! A must for every Glock owner!!!

Good Luck


Why a star off? Because my set needed a lot of adjusting - wouldn't reset right out of the gate. I had to heat/scorch the (insert colorful metaphor) out of the trigger multiple times to release the Loctite to finally get the thing adjusted to my liking (and trashed the allen wrench and almost ruined the set screws too). Used to be a nice pretty red anodize. After 3 -4 heat cycles the Loctite gave up and I didn't have to heat it any more to make the last tweaks - so then I had to re-lock them when I was all done!

Great trigger, just know "pre-set" means "good-luck". Suggestion to GS - set position it but don't use Loctite. Send a small tube with the trigger and let the installer lock it down.

The Best but fails on a major detail


Wife loved it! Wants one for her 43.
nice to experiment with the other springs.
Gives you a nice feel as to how minor changes make a real difference.

Sad it had the crappy 306(?) ejector and not the way better 30274(Gen4).
That is the only the reason for the lost star.
If you are going to advertise the best, you have to also get the details.
Order a 4th gen trigger and exchange the ejector pin with this stock one.