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Tungsten Guide Rod for G42

$79.95 to $89.95
SKU: 1129

Our G42 Tungsten Guide Rod is designed with a slightly lighter spring to allow it to function with a wider range of ammo. This also makes it much easier to pull back the slide which has been a problem for many of our G42 shooters.

Of course, the main advantage of the Tungsten Guide Rod is that the added weight helps reduce much of the felt recoil and also makes the gun function better, returning the slide more consistently and thereby improving overall accuracy!

Guide Rod Weights

Plastic= 9.5 grams/0.33 ounces

Heavy Tungsten= 28 grams/0.98 ounces

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Works as advertised!


My wife and I own many Glocks and really like them all. We both own the G42 and have had problems with FTF and FTE. I tried keeping the slide locked back while in GS and even took them to Glock for the tech to look at, nothing worked. So I ordered two of the tungsten guide rods and both have been working flawlessly. Thanks

Great for weaker ammo


Purchased this because I wanted to try a softer recoil spring that would work with my range's reloaded ammo.

I used to get FTE’s every other round - but after dropping this in, I had 100% successful cycling.

I couldn't tell if the added weight helped the gun shoot flatter, but it sure as hell allowed me to use ammo that wouldn't have worked before.

Glock Mdl. 42 failures to feed or eject.


If you have a problem with a Glock Mdl. 42 failing to feed or eject this Tungsten Guide Rod and spring will fix it mine would only work with one kind of ammo and not all the time with it. I just Installed this Guide Rod and spring and ran 5 different brands of ammo through my gun without a single problem it now shoots anything I put in it with no problems. It went from a gun I wouldn't take around the block back to the way all My other Glocks run no problems at all and a fun little gun to shoot that I can now trust. Maybe Glock needs to start buying guide rods and springs from these folks especially for model 42 and 43.

A Must Have For Your G42!


I have had my G42 for probably about a year now and was experiencing a plethora of issues and having the gun go down a lot. However after Purchasing this Guide Rod for my G42 I haven't had a single issue with my G42! It is a good investment for your G42 if you are experiencing issues

Buy one!


Wow, I never expected this tungsten guide rod to perform so well.
Muzzle jump reduced for me and for some odd reason (pun intended) my shot groups have shrunk.
My G42 is now really fun to shoot.

Great fix for a problem G42


I got a G42 for Christmas and was excited to add it to my EDC/back-up. My first day at the range I was appalled at the FTF, FTE, and stovepipes. I could not shoot a single magazine without a problem, especially with JHP. I called Glock and the tech told me to try shooting more rounds to wear in the recoil spring and to use only 95 grain or better. After about 300 rounds the G42 was cycling well, but only with 95 grain Aguila FMJ and Sig Elite Performance 100 grain. I dropped this Tungsten rod in and today I shot almost 200 rounds of different types and brands of ammo without any problems. Federal 90 gr Hydra-Shok, CCI 95 gr FMJ, Fiocchi 90 XTP JHP and Precision One 95 gr HP all worked flawlessly. I used factory 6 rd magazines as well as Taran Tactical +1 and + 2 magazines. Yay!

Fabulous investment!


This tungsten guide rod is worth every penny! My 42 seemed to be finicky with regard to occasionally having FTE; in reality it must have been my inconsistent grip. Once I put this guide rod in I didn't have a single FTE, every single round fired consistently and the pistol stayed right on target!

Mission Accomplished.


The reason that I ordered this guide rod was the fact that it was becoming almost impossible for me to “rack” the slide on my Glock 42. Having reached out to Glock Technical Support to no avail, I decided to give your tungsten guide rod a shot. Mission accomplished! MUCH easier to manipulate the slide, and performs flawlessly with my “carry” rounds as well as my range ammo. Thanks.

Solid Product


Just installed in my G42. Can notice the additional weight which feels good in the hands. Also the quality of the product looks way more solid than the OEM guide rod. I purchased this based on other reviews about FTF & FTE which this G42 sometimes does. Looking forward to shooting it this weekend at the range.

Let’s the Glock 42 earn the “Glock Perfection”.


This is the second Glock 42 I’ve purchased. The other one was about three years ago, and after multiple issues, a trip back and forth to Glock, and still no fix. I got rid of it. So, in November I bought this NEW 42 for my wife. SAME PROBLEMS! Failure to eject, failure to feed, double feeding, even a stove pipe! Literally couldn’t get through 2 in a row without something malfunctioning. So I get on the all knowing YouTube, I try all the tricks (other than running 400 rounds of ammo through it), still, all the same malfunctions after a few months of multi racking daily and dry firing. Then I found this, I saw all the reviews that everyone put up saying they had the same problems I did and that this “magic bullet” Tungsten Guide Rod fixed it... THEY WERE RIGHT! Best $90 I ever spent to make this previous Taurus like paper weight run like a real Glock! No more malfunctions, no more slide issues, nothing, it runs just like a Glock should! Highly recommend!

Improved feeding and ejection issues with my 42


I was having lots of FTF and FTE with my Glock 42. Two or three every magazine. Even sending it back to Glock did not fix anything. Saw this and gave it chance. 260 rounds since dropping it in and zero malfunctions! Great product makes the 42 run like it should.

Fixed all my woes with my 42!


I’ve owned my 42 since 2017, but never carried due to FTE , jams and a few SP I would get at least 1 or 2 per mag, decided to give this a try and OMG!!!!! I’m in love with 42 all over again!!! Put 100 rounds the other day and had 0 issues!!! Slide is even easier to rack and the performance is flawless!!! My only regret is I didn’t order it sooner! I can finally trust my 42!!!