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Tungsten Guide Rod for G42

$79.95 to $89.95
SKU: 1129
Our G42 Tungsten Guide Rod is designed with a slightly lighter spring to allow it to function with a wider range of ammo. This also makes it much easier to pull back the slide which has been a problem for many of our G42 shooters.

Of course, the main advantage of the Tungsten Guide Rod is that the added weight helps reduce much of the felt recoil and also makes the gun function better, returning the slide more consistently and thereby improving overall accuracy!

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Works as advertised!


My wife and I own many Glocks and really like them all. We both own the G42 and have had problems with FTF and FTE. I tried keeping the slide locked back while in GS and even took them to Glock for the tech to look at, nothing worked. So I ordered two of the tungsten guide rods and both have been working flawlessly. Thanks