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Ultimate Gen2 Flat Face Pyramid Trigger - 9mm

$259.95 to $279.95
SKU: 1187
$259.95 to $279.95
Introducing the Gen2 Flat Face Pyramid Trigger, Ultimate Kit… the top of the line in the Pyramid Trigger family.

It's basically the Flat Face version of our new Gen2 Pyramid Trigger… the trigger that has dominated the high-performance, Glock® trigger market since we first introduced it in 2013.

It features the same lighter, crisper trigger as the Gen2 Pyramid Trigger, but with the flat profile preferred by many customers, especially the competition crowd. 

Basically, if you want to shoot like Lenny, you have to have a trigger like Lenny’s, and now you can.

The Gen2 Flat Face Pyramid Trigger is factory set to Lenny’s personal specifications for both pre-travel and over-travel. No further adjustment will ever be needed or possible.

The Flat Face version has a contemporary look and the flat face can provide an even shorter trigger pull than the curved version. Take a look at the cutaway design which shows off the safety. It features either matching or contrasting insert color to fully complement your custom build. 

Our new Gen2 Flat Face Pyramid Trigger is sure to turn heads and be a true conversation starter for both its looks and your new "on-target" speed and accuracy! 

NOTE: Due to the wide variety of colors available, as well as the number of Glock® models we support, Pyramid Triggers are built to order and billed upfront. It will take at least 10 business days to build, test, and ship your trigger. Some models may take longer due to shifting supply chain issues. Insert color may differ slightly from shoe and safety due to the Cerakote process.
The heart of the system is our uniquely identified gold trigger bar, coated with Titanium Nitride. This coating is extremely hard, and friction-free, which helps give the Gen2 Pyramid Trigger a crisp, consistent, and even break… allowing you total control of your speed and accuracy. 

The Ultimate Kit also includes our Skeletonized Striker with extended firing pin; Titanium Safety Plunger featuring rounded shoulders and friction-free coating; complete Competition Spring Kit; and the Double Diamond 3.5 lb. Connector. 

Average Glock Trigger Pull Weights:

Stock Glock® Trigger = 5.5 to 6 lb trigger pull

Gen2 Pyramid Trigger = 4.5 lb trigger pull, shorter pull & reset, crisper release

Gen2 Pyramid Trigger with 3.5 lb connector = 4 lb trigger pull, 3.5 after break-in period. 

Gen2 Pyramid Trigger, 3.5 lb connector, Safety Plunger = 3.5 lb trigger pull upon install

Gen2 Pyramid Trigger, Spring Kit, Safety Plunger, Connector, Skeletonized Striker = 2.5 lb trigger pull… depending on selected spring.

And, to make your Glock® uniquely your own, you can choose from 216 different trigger/insert/safety color combinations. 

Visit the GlockStore YouTube channel for complete, easy-to-follow instructions for both the installation and operation procedures. You'll also enjoy “live fire” demonstrations of this indispensable Glock® shooting accessory. 

All Pyramid Triggers are individually tested in Glock® handguns before they are packaged and shipped. For questions on installation or operation of any Pyramid Trigger, please call GlockStore Customer Service to speak to a Glock® Certified Armorer who can assist you in all areas of installation. No question is too simple or too complex. We are here to help and assist in whatever way you need. 

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews

Gotta admit


It's stupid easy to install, gives you cool customization and does live up performance-wise. The pull is silky and can get super light and the reset is a DREAM. There's also a little bit of pre-travel tune-ability.

I feel ZERO wall before break. Like you don't know where it's gonna strike during pull. It just happens, so you've got to get used to it with practice. This could be a pro or a con for you and could help if you're a flincher.

The reset is SO short and tactile that you barely have to let out before popping off another round and it feels AWESOME.

Once you factor in the cost all that come in the kit it's actually not that over-priced vs buying a different well known glock trigger then adding those pieces. Question is, do all the additional goodies help that much?

The 2lbs striker causes me a lot of light strikes, even with the kit's extended striker. I put the 3lbs spring in and problem solved, and I don't feel much difference in trigger pull.

Amazing Upgrade!!!!


Lenny & crew I just received my Ultimate Flat Face Pyramid Trigger Assembly. To be honest first time I did any type of work on my Glock 9mm Gen 4. I had asked multiple gunsmiths what to upgrade first all said change out the Glock trigger assembly.
Pretty straight forward installation even a cave man can do it! Lol
Dry firing revealed an monstrous trigger 3lbs no sloppy play. You get right to the point aim fire resetting is just as crisp and responsive. I went to the range and ran 500 rounds thru it in I was in awe of the accuracy increase and it worn in a tad and is even better.
If you guys want to turn your Glock into monsters this upgrade is a must! Kudos guys
Just need a little lead time for the shop to make it just to let you know.....

Awesome product


Great product, easy to install. The 3 pound spring was a perfect fit for my competition shooting. It takes 2 weeks to build the trigger assembly with the colors you choose.

Very Impressed.


What a great trigger! Stripped the upper, cleaned it all up, put in the new striker, safety plunger, springs, went with the 4lb spring. Follow up shots are instant, groups have tightened up. Takes a little getting used to but after putting an hundred rounds out with it I'm very impressed. It was worth the money and the wait to get one. Eventually all my Glocks will have one.

Stop debating it, just buy it!


Great replacement for your stock trigger. Easy to install. I had awesome results from installing mine on my G19x and my polymer 80 build. Faster shots with better accuracy. Plan to buy for all my glocks.

Great addition to my SS80 I'm building.


Ordered last week and have it installed in no time. Keep up the good work guys.

This kit is easy if you watch the video.


Following the Video from the GlockStore on Youtube, I was able to replace my trigger by myself with no experience at all. These triggers are really nice. The 4lb spring is perfect for me. The only thing I would recommend is to provide 2 extra striker cubs with this kit. Those little things are so easy to lose. If it's your first time, I recommend putting a sheet over your head and springs while you do it, just in case the cups go flying. This way the sheet will catch them. Learn from my mistake.

Good but not perfect


On my Glock 17 Gen3 I had to slowly back a few pieces back to factory parts to get it functioning properly. The 3.5 lb connector was very a loose fit in the housing, and was creating strike on trigger reset. That isn't good. I tried multiple times and it was definitely installed correctly. I think the bend on it was too much (definitely more than 2 degrees over factory). The trigger and housing wouldn't stay together and had to be held together carefully to get into frame. Reverted to stock connector and spring and that was fixed. The Skeleton plunger with the 4lb spring was creating light strikes (3 of 12 rounds). Reverted back to factory striker and spring and problem resolved. The safety plunger is great, as is the actual trigger. Crisp and very short reset. I would recommend not just throwing everything on at once and go piece by piece and test your gun.

Updated review - Works Great, but need to test with your ammo


I was shipped the wrong connector for the G17 Gen 3, which resulted in the strike on reset. It happens. Even with the correct GS connector, I had double fire issues using +P loads. Basically you need to test with the ammo you shoot, and find the sweet spot. A stock Glock will fire anything - as you replace parts, there may be some issues with certain loads. Normal trade-off. Personally I have found the pyramid trigger, with safety plunger and upgraded striker to be a fantastic upgrade to the gun. Not so much the connector but will depend on your ammo. Also have the heavy tungsten guide rod which is excellent.

Well worth the price.


I installed this today; I haven't had a chance to test it yet but from what I can tell by playing with it, the trigger that is it will make a huge difference.
A week before I bought and installed the Pure Tungsten Captured 18lb Guide Rod. Looking forward to going to the shooting range and testing these new parts out.



First gun. First after market trigger system. Feels awesome, tried 200 rounds through all the firing pin weights. Wish I knew how to open this thing and clean it out.

Good install but took a bit to fine tune


Install for a Glock G34 G4 MOS. Pulled out the factory trigger assembly and proceeded to integrate the new parts. Installed the new firing pin assembly using the provided 3 lb spring. Put everything together, re-assembled the pistol and racked the slide. Trigger would not reset. Racked a couple times more and trigger would not reset. Looked a little deeper and discovered the tab on the new trigger bar would not stay engaged with the new connector. Re-installed the factory connector, re-installed the trigger assembly and bingo. Trigger now would reset.

Dry fired, did not like the feel of the 3 lb spring, so re-installed the factory 5 lb spring. Bingo, More dry fire and was working great. Went to the range this morning and 100 rounds flawlessly. I may experiment with the 4.5 lb firing pin spring and then the 4 lb, but that will be in due time.

All in all, satisfied with the products and the results. Would definitely recommend.