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Vickers Tactical Magazine Floor Plate for Glock 42/43 Plus 2

SKU: 2827
The Vickers Tactical Magazine Floor Plate for Glock 42/43 (Plus 2) addresses two of the biggest issues shooters have with the single stack Glock handgun models.

First, the extension itself measures at just over an inch, keeping the overall silhouette of the gun to a compact size, while giving most shooters the extra space to comfortably rest their ring and pinky fingers.

Second, the extension stores an additional 2 rounds, allowing you to carry a healthy 8+1 in the weapon, and 8 more in each follow-up magazine.

Each extension also comes with a replacement magazine spring and internal floor plate for converting your factory Glock 43 magazines, making it the perfect upgrade for your concealed carry or backup firearm.
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews



The tango down Vickers extension for the G43 is a bargain! It comes with a spring and I've had zero malfunctions. I recommend this product!!

Not quite a +2 extension


They fit nicely onto the original 43 magazines giving it a nice addition for a more secure hold. However they are not +2, attempting to cram 2 extra rounds turning them into an 8 round mag is really tight. Ended up only putting one additional round in for a 7+1 configuration.

Great buy


Instal was pretty easy I didn’t have the actual tool so it was a little tricky but fit is great price is awesome and the extra 2 rounds fit good the extra grip was the main reason for buying and it fits my hand much better

Awesome product


Love these extensions for g43 cheap upgrade to get closer to the 43x capacity and it never hurts having more rounds

My Way To Add Capacity


I added these extensions on two of my magazines. While the 8th round is tight at first, these magazines have performed flawlessly. These are a great option for adding much-needed capacity to your G43.