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Double Diamond BLACK YIKES 3.0 Connector

SKU: 1312-BLK
The new Double Diamond BLACK YIKES 3.0 Connector provides the lightest, smoothest trigger pull available for your Glock!

Why Yikes? It's kind of a funny story! Click the link to read it in Lenny Magill's own words!

The advanced geometry of this connector delivers a unique trigger pull that does not have the traditional "wall" of other minus connectors. In fact, the BLACK YIKES 3.0 has a smooth trigger pull through the entire trigger stroke and will pleasantly surprise you when it releases the firing pin.

• Coated in the NEW ArmorLube friction reducing finish!
• Provides a smooth, lightweight trigger pull.
• Promotes Better Accuracy and Faster Speeds!
• Fits All Glock Handguns except G42/43/43X/48
• Drop in part, No gunsmithing required

One of our Top 5 upgrades for your Glock!

Watch the installation and demonstration video online.
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GlockStore rocks.


I bought a G31 about couple of weeks ago. Took it to the range and really didn't like the way the stock trigger stacked. One of my gunsmith friends suggested your site, did some research, bought this product, watched the instructional video, and installed the product last night without angsts. Much improved without any other mods. You guys are the complete package. Looking forward to the next trip to the range.
Though I'm not predisposed to add bling to my guns, but a pin kit might be added to my 40 cal barrel order. Thanks guys. I am a GlockStore guy.

I don’t usually write reviews but…


This is, by far, my favorite and most noticeable modification to my 19 gen 3. The “wall” is basically nonexistent, break is extremely crisp, slide stays completely still during dry firing sessions. Worth the hype, price, and confidence pulling that trigger, and the best part? It still has yet to be broken in so it’ll only become smoother and lighter. If you’re on the fence, I say go for it!

Great Improvement to my Glock 19X


Bought the Black Yikes 3lb connector for new G19X and I couldn't be happier! I polished everything prior to getting the connector & the Gen 5 already had a nice trigger but you can definitely tell the difference in a great way with just this simple Connector! No more "long mooshy"5.2lb trigger pull. Now she's a nice 3.3lb (average) extremely smooth to the wall,crisp light break & reset. Worth it! Fast shipping also! Highly recommended..



i have this trigger connector on all my glocks. i love this product and have recommended it to 3 of my friends already with positive reactions. great job Lenny!

Black yikes connector 3.0


I am speechless I dropped the part in,reassemble the frame and from 6.25 lbs I got to 3 lbs with out polishing any other parts or do anything else.I definitely appreciate and recommend this part. Thank you GS.

Like Butter


This is the best part I have installed on my Gen 3 G17. The trigger wall is gone, and the trigger pull feels like it is lubed with the world's finest butter. Extremely satisfied. Installation was a piece of cake.

Great Product


I bought 2 of these. They were easy to install, and they dropped the trigger pull on my Glock 17 Gen 3 down to 3 lb. and on my Glock 44 down to 3 5/8 lb.

One of Top 5 upgrades on any Glock in my eyes..


First off u want to start by saying these connectors are the real deal with no hard work to install yourself with Lenny’s videos available on YouTube. Second I want to thank Matt from customer service for correcting my issue with one faulty connector I received and installed in my g21 and it would not let the trigger engage to be fired.. It was very easy process doing the return process for a replacement. I shot 100 rounds with this connector in this gun so far and have not had not one issue except YIKES!!



Hands down THE BEST upgrade I have made to a Glock pistol. The feel of the trigger is so much smoother, I don’t care how much it reduces the pull weight. The trigger just feels better.

Easy Install...


Definitely an improvement...but the best part is Lenny's very explicit and easy to follow install video. Made putting in the new connector a breeze.

Very happy with this connector


This is one of best upgrades I've done to my Glock 19. I t is a noticeable difference right away. I just ordered my second one for my Glock 17L. I continue to be happy with products from the Glock Store, and the customer service is top notch. My only compliant (And I just need to get this off my chest.) is that 10 bucks for shipping is a bit outrageous for a part that weighs practically nothing. But... even so with the shipping cost, it is still worth the 40 bucks spent to have such great trigger performance.

From almost 6lb 6oz to 3lb 4 oz. with 3 upgrades


I bought this 3.0 connector because my trigger pull averaged 6lbs - 14ozs. I also bought the 4.5lb striker spring and 6lb trigger spring. Prior to buying these three items I polished my stock connector and trigger bar and lowered the trigger pull to around 6lbs - 6ozs. After installing these three upgrades, my trigger pull is now 3lbs - 4ozs. Very happy I made these purchases. Gun passes drop test and no miss fires with Winchester White Box ammo.

love the 3.0


I put the 3.5 in and made a big difference. The 3.0 came on safe for a Fay and thought what the heck . So glad I did this 3.0 is great
Well worth it

Very nice upgrade


Was pretty much satisfied with my G35 4.0 to 4.5 pound trigger pull after my upgrade with a 6 lb trigger spring and 3.5 connector. But, there was that wall. So I read up on the Black Yikes and took a chance. Now I have a shorter, buttery smooth 3 to 3.5 pound pull. And the best part: the slightest stacking but no wall. Love it. Would not want this setup on a SD piece but for a recreational range gun, it's just a joy to shoot.

Will not work in "my" G44 (.22lr)...


After watching Lenny's excellent install video, the install took me 5min. Upon completing the install, reassembling the gun, racking the slide, the trigger would pull but not release the firing pin. It felt as if the gun was binding, almost but not enough of drop on the cruciform to release the firing pin. Swapping the factory connector back in (and I did this three times) resolved the issue and would allow the firing pin to release every time.

I then installed the yikes connector in my G45, G17, G19 and the Yikes functioned flawlessly. First time, every time.

So, this part will not function in my G44 (.22lr) and it may not function in yours. It may be factory tolerances, or an adjustment to the cruciform may be necessary but this would be "gunsmithing". However it is stated that gunsmithing is not required, and indeed was not on the other three Glocks that I installed it in.

AMAZING!! Used on my G17 Gen 3


This definitely lives up to the claims of the smoothest trigger pull. The trigger "wall" is essentially gone now and it is just a very steady, very consistent light trigger pull. I was about at my limit of improvement with the stock connector and now with this I have been able to make new gains. DEFINITELY take time to dry fire and get used to it before just going full send.

Very smooth


Does really well to smooth out that trigger pull. No grainy feel, just smooth movement all the way through the stroke.

nice and smooth


I got it for my g19 and the trigger pull is much smoother

Best trigger connector out there!


This thing plus smoothing out your striker ribs, changing plunger spring and a 4.5 lb striker spring is by far the smoothest trigger I’ve ever achieved and thats after playing w glocks since 1997

What a great part.


If you have a Glock and don't have a Black Yikes 3.0 connector in it you are missing the boat. My stock G-26 right out of the box had a trigger pull of 5and1/2 lbs.. After I put this connector in it went to 3 and 1/2lbs. No kidding. It is the BEST thing you can do. I love it.. Get one.

Perfect for my 44 & 19 crisp and fast


After putting a 3.5 Double Diamond in my 43x I immediately order 2- 3.0 for my Gen 4- 19 and yes my 44. What you say! Yes my 44 and both the 19 and 44 are crisp and quick. It only takes 5 minutes to give your shooter a great trigger pull..

5 minutes on my 44 & 19 Gen4 and crisp and fast


After installing the 3.5 Double Diamond in my 43X and felt the difference I immediately ordered the 3.0 Double Diamond for my Glock 19 Gen 4 and yes my Glock 44, that's right it fits perfect in the 44. Both guns are crisp and fast now.. In 5 minutes you will have a new gun..

“Black Yikes, worth the money”


Replaced my factory connector on my Glock 19 Gen3 with this one and it made a world of difference. I went from an average of 5lbs 11 oz to 4lbs even and the reset is much better as well.
I would highly recommend the Black Yikes to anyone that wants a better trigger and reset.
I video that Lenny did was very easy and straightforward.

Great product


I bought, one these with a 6lbs helper spring. I installed both in my gen 4 glock 41 and i love it. This set up workers with zero failures. It offers a smooth trigger pull with just a touch of the "wall". If you want a better trigger pull this is a option you should consider, especially for the price and ease of install