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Metallic Pin & Extended Control Kit for Gen 5 Glocks

$49.95 to $59.95
SKU: 1226
$49.95 to $59.95

Add some style to your Gen5 Glock with our exclusive Metallic Parts Kit!

Kit includes the following parts:
• Extended Precision Slide Lock
• Trigger Pin
• Trigger Housing Pin
• Extended Slide Stop Lever.

Our pins are CNC machined, stainless steel, refinished in chrome, titanium nitride, black oxide, or various Cerakote colors … depending on your selection.

Also included is our Extended Precision Slide Lock, updated for the Gen5 Glock series. Being 3mm longer than the factory Slide Lock, it is designed for easier takedown of your gun, and better lockup of your barrel when firing.

Please note: Only fits Gen5.

For the Gen3/4 version, click here.

For the 42/43/43X/48 version, click here.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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I could not be more satisfied


When I first ordered this kit, I was notified that it was on backorder. After receiving the kit finally, I can see why! Very well crafted and seriously makes it much easier to use the controls. Disassembling the lower and installing the new parts was very easy with the video that GlockStore posted on their YouTube on the disassembly and reassembly of the Glock lower.

Very satisfied.


Great kit, easy to install.

Great products!


Just installed the full kit. Took about an half hour . I was skeptical about the purchase as I just wasn’t sure about replacing stock parts but I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised! Everything fit perfect and feels so much nicer then the original parts. The look is also great ! Definitely worth the $50 to me !

What a difference!!!


Ordered in silver... Let me tell you... What a difference! Money well spent. If you are curious
Please don't hesitate. Not only does the kit enhance the look of your Glock but the operation of the controls are absolutely solid!!!

Excellent & Stylish Upgrade


I ordered this kit in Gold to "pimp" my new Glock 19X, and it looks great! The Extended Slide Stop Lever is the best and most functional upgrade. My only complaint is that the serrated edges of the Slide Lock are way too sharp, tearing up the skin of my left thumb which naturally rests on the end of the Slide Lock; I fixed it with a jeweler's file.

Magill's Glock Store > OEM


Looks and functions nicer than the OEM pieces. Nuff said.

Well Worth the Money


Great product. Makes removing the slide no longer a chore and now I can send it forward with my thumb for faster magazine changes instead of having to grab it. The bright red really pops against the glocks natural black.

Must have if you have meaty/sausage fingers


Since day one of ownership of my beloved G45 I have fought tooth and nail with the factory slide lock when it comes time to clean her up.... I always thought the factory one was cheap and didn't fit my fancy in the slightest. with that being said I promptly went looking for a solution, the extended precision slide lock that comes in this kit fixed every issue I had with the factory one! No more having it slip out of my fingers! It fits better than the factory one so it doesn't move around when you are trying to break it down for cleaning. The slide release was just an added bonus for me, I didn't personally have an issue with the factory one, but with the availability of colors and the option of gold I couldn't resist... it makes the operation of the slide a lot easier, but I personally feel like its more form over function. I love that it comes with the extended pin for the backstrap, I don't use a backstrap but its awesome to see its included incase I change my mind in the future

Silver is more of a matte grey so beware


It’s an awesome upgrade, but I purchased silver to match some of my other parts. Received it and it’s more of a dull matte grey instead of shiny silver. Returned it and got chrome to better match my other parts. So just take that into account if that’s what color scheme you’re shooting for.

Use plastic punches


If you need to get a pin out, use a plastic punch. The cerakote chips off super easy which kinda defeats the purpose of colored pins. Great kit otherwise. And if you order the guide rod or back plate, order at the same time. Maybe they’ll be the same color for you. Mine aren’t quite the same blue.