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Pure Tungsten Guide Rod for Gen4/5 Glocks

$119.99 to $194.99
SKU: 1258
$119.99 to $194.99

This is the heaviest guide rod ever released for your Glock! 

Pure Tungsten is not just a name … it's what makes this guide rod great!

Please note: Our standard guide rod springs will not work with the Gen 4/5 Pure Tungsten Guide Rod. Springs for the Gen 4/5 Pure Tungsten Guide Rod can be found here

After months of testing and R+D, we selected the Pure Tungsten as it provides the best recoil reduction and muzzle flip control ever. And we mean that … if you are not 100% satisfied that this piece provides better recoil reduction and a smoother shooting gun, allowing you to shoot faster and more accurately, return it for a full refund.* 

The Pure Tungsten Guide Rod for Gen4/5 is thicker and weighs up to 100% heavier than our standard Tungsten Guide Rod and more than 5x the weight of the factory plastic. It's this extra weight that helps reduce recoil significantly and allows you to shoot faster with much greater accuracy. 

The Pure Tungsten Guide Rod 
Radically Reduces Recoil! 

Available in Captured or Uncaptured versions. 
Uncaptured version also available with individual springs, or the complete Recoil Spring Kit! 

Please Note: 
The 17 Gen5 Guide Rod will NOT fit Gen4 or older Glocks. 
The 34 Extended Guide Rods extend to the end of the slide providing increased weight for better balance and performance. The 34 Extended Gen4 Guide Rod will also function in a Glock 35 and Glock 41 Gen4. 

*Returns/Exchanges are accepted up to 30 days from the date of purchase. 

Order Online Today, or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273!

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Pure vs standard Tungsten Gen 5 Glock 34


First off let me start with I have not fired it since installing it. I don't foresee any problems with it. Now to the good stuff. When i was looking into this guide rod over the standard tungsten one, the main question I had is, how much does it weigh vs standard tungsten. So im running an extended uncaptured one for the 34 Gen 5. The standard extended uncaptured with 13# spring weighs 2oz. The PURE extended uncaptured with 13# spring weighs 3.6oz. Yes you can tell a difference in between the 2. Just to let you know the weight of the guide rod while using a 13# spring can cause it to not lock up on a press check. I don't see this causing any problem under normal operation but if I hold the gun vertical pointing up and pull the slide back just enough to unlock. It will not spring back to locked. The easy fix is heavier spring. I use this setup in USPSA carry optics.I have a SRO on the slide which effects the weight.

Heavy Metal!!


Stock in comparison to this seems like a cheap joke because of the massive weight difference. Much improved look and feel over stock having this impressive weight added and shiny metal beats the plastic nub hands down on looks! Did have a couple stovepipe but only when the kid was shooting it which was more likely due to limp wristing as it did not happen to me. Very happy with this upgrade and highly recommend!

Love it


5 stars. Best guide rod and spring I could have purchased. Super super fast delivery time. All I ask is when will this be available for the 21?

User error... maybe?


Bought a captured 18lb for my G23 G5 (brand new, no shots fired). Received my (first) Glock yesterday, got half of my upgrade order today...got home, put on the beaver tail and installed the guide rod. Reassemble, and rack tested it. Slide does not re-rack all the way, stops at about a quarter inch before the end of the barrel. 4 stars because I don’t know if that’s because of the heavy spring. If I rack it and let it fly back, it’ll close, but under a normal/standard rack I have to thumb it closed from the back of the slide.

A perfect blend


Item arrived, perfect fit for the 34.4. Captured with a 13# spring weighs in at 2.7 ounces. Got my 34.4 frame up[ to 8.3 ounces with tungsten putty and shot. The guide rod feels a perfect balance to this. Nice heft and balance, will take out to the range to see how it runs. Gun runs in at 30 ounces.



Installed Pure Tungsten Guide Ros (Captured) with 13# Spring in GL34, Gen 5. No Optic. Fantastic Weight addition and like other reviews, when press checking, make sure it goes back into battery as 13# Spring is light… Other than that, it works GREAT, quick return to target. Using with Supressor height sights in event I mount a optic later and Timney Alpha Competition Trigger…. Game Changer.

Best Upgrade


Stock Guide-Rod weighs 18,3gm Uncaptured Tungsten w/15# spring weights 75.11gm.
(installed in Glock G19/G5/MOS w/Holosun 508T). Huge difference in muzzle-rise, felt-recoil, target reacquisition and I've never had a cycling issue of any kind to date (with 115grn/150grn ammo). I now have Tungsten Guide-Rods in all my firearms

Perfect fit


Reading one of the reviews, I was afraid this wouldn’t fit, but it fit perfectly in my G19 gen 5.

It does indeed help improve your marksmanship!


I bought this for my Glock 34 and I admit I was skeptical. I went to a target practicing range and I was beyond impressed with how much my marksmanship improved and my grouping was tight. With the OEM plastic guide rod I was lucky if I hit the target 5 times. With the Tungsten guide rod, 17 shots within 5 inch group. I would easily buy this product again, knowing how much it drastically improved my accuracy!