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Pure Tungsten Guide Rod for Gen4/5 Glocks

$119.99 to $194.99
SKU: 1258
$119.99 to $194.99
This is the heaviest guide rod ever released for your Glock!

Pure Tungsten is not just a name… it's what makes this guide rod great!

Please note: Our standard guide rod springs will not work with the Gen 4/5 Pure Tungsten Guide Rod. Springs for the Gen 4/5 Pure Tungsten Guide Rod can be found here.

After months of testing and R+D, we selected the Pure Tungsten as it provides the best recoil reduction and muzzle flip control ever. And we mean that… if you are not 100% satisfied that this piece provides better recoil reduction and a smoother shooting gun allowing you to shoot faster and more accurately, return it for a full refund.

The Pure Tungsten Guide Rod for Gen4/5 is thicker and weighs up to 100% heavier than our standard Tungsten Guide Rod and more than 5x the weight of the factory plastic. It's this extra weight that helps reduce recoil significantly and allows you to shoot faster with much greater accuracy.

The Pure Tungsten Guide Rod
Radically Reduces Recoil!

Available in Captured or Uncaptured versions.
Uncaptured version also available with individual springs, or the complete Recoil Spring Kit!

Please Note: 
The 17 Gen5 Guide Rod will NOT fit Gen4 or older Glocks.
The 34 Extended Guide Rods extend to the end of the slide providing increased weight for better balance and performance. 

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