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Double Diamond BLACK YIKES 3.0 Connector

SKU: 1312-BLK
The new Double Diamond BLACK YIKES 3.0 Connector provides the lightest, smoothest trigger pull available for your Glock!

Why Yikes? It's kind of a funny story! Click the link to read it in Lenny Magill's own words!

The advanced geometry of this connector delivers a unique trigger pull that does not have the traditional "wall" of other minus connectors. In fact, the BLACK YIKES 3.0 has a smooth trigger pull through the entire trigger stroke and will pleasantly surprise you when it releases the firing pin.

• Coated in the NEW ArmorLube friction reducing finish!
• Provides a smooth, lightweight trigger pull.
• Promotes Better Accuracy and Faster Speeds!
• Fits All Glock Handguns except G42/43/43X/48
• Drop in part, No gunsmithing required

One of our Top 5 upgrades for your Glock!

Watch the installation and demonstration video online.
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My 80% G21 had a nasty trigger pull. How about a DANGEROUS trigger pull. It was squishy and would hang-fire at times. Not something you'd want to take to the range. I had purchased the Black Ice connector to try in another Glock just to see if there was a difference and after fooling around with the G21 decided to slip it in as a last resort to correct the hang-fire situation. I was totally amazed! It corrected the problem and left me with a totally great, smooth trigger pull! I recommend the Double Diamond Black Ice connector! GET IT!

Don't Miss "The Wall:


I installed BI on my G34g3 competition gun, and note that my trigger settings were set to the current Pyramid Trigger "Ultimate" system. At first drop in, coupled with my Pyramid Trigger system, the gun would not fire (insert freak out moment) , and so I called GlockStore with what was going on. The employee walked me through the trigger adjustements and with some adjustments of my pre-travel screw, I got it to fire. Fine tuning the Pyramid Trigger coupled with the BI 3.0, this thing is short, light. and smooth. The origional 3.5lb double diamond disconnector had a slight wall to it and was very good, but if you take your time and adjust your trigger, coupled with this BI 3.0 disconnector, your first couple (hopefully dry fires), you might miss "the wall" entirely. This thing is stupid smooth, light, and crisp. Well done GS! Another great product.

Smoother than smooth


I dont have range time on it yet, but its a drastic improvement over stock. Travel is minimal and the pull is incredibly smooth. Definitely has a unique feel that will surprise you when it breaks.

Great upgrade for the money


I was just thinking about upgrading the trigger on my Gen 3 34 that I use for steel matches and target shooting when I got an email about the Black Ice connector...price was right and I knew if Glockstore said it was good, that it would be good.

Got the package yesterday and installed it in about 20 minutes including polishing the trigger bar and cleaning up as I went along with the video Lenny made introducing the connector. Super easy...went right in...feels great! I was promised “no wall” and they delivered. Trigger is smooth, short, and lighter. I look forward to he first range day and know I will be impressed. It’s still a Glock trigger...but it doesn’t feel like a Glock trigger...they should come this way!

Dropped my trigger pull about 5 ounces compared to a 3.5 connector


Just installed it along with a detailed strip and cleaning of my G35 gen 3. Previously had a Glockstore 3.5 connector with average trigger pull 3# 7.3 oz; then after the cleaning and connector replacement, the average pull dropped to 3# 2.4 oz and felt smoother.



Bought two nib Glock 19 gen 4 and 5 recently, had the dreaded down and to the left results when shooting. After 45+ years of shooting I bit the bullet and bought the two Glocks and almost regretted the purchase. After installing the Black Ice in the Gen 5 I cured the down and to the left results, so I ordered. the new "Black Yikes" for the gen 4 model 19 and hope to have the same results. Easy to install on the Gen 5 and hopefully will be the same result on the Gen 4. Will leave feedback when the Gen 4 connector is installed. No regrets in the purchase.



This thing is SLICK! I've done absolutely nothing to my standard Glock 23 Gen 3 trigger and so I went ahead and bought this. Took me about 10 minutes to install and right away I noticed a significant difference with just dry firing. I can't wait to take it out to the range!

A must have for Glock owners!


I have the original 3.5 Double Diamond in all my Glocks (17,19,22,26 &43), I have raved about them to friends and 5 have ordered for their Glocks. I got an email when the DDBY 3.0 came out and decided to give it a comparison run with the 3.5. I put it in my G26, which is my daily carry, and I could not believe the noticeable difference from the 3.5. It is smooth and crisp and I would recommend to all Glock owners. I will not change out the connectors in my other Glocks but it will remain in my G26. Great job Lenny.

Took 20 minutes to install!


Ordered for gen 5 G17 and it was easier to install than I though it would be. Make sure you have punches and it’s a breeze. Not a bad deal. Highly recommend



As always fit and trim is perfect lowed the pull weight by almost 6 oz over the Double Diamond 3.5 and a pyramid trigger setup with the 5 lb spring it just doesn't get much better than this as... always thank you for your dedication to Quality and you're never yielding will to improve

great second mod after sight change glock 20


Was use to shooting an xd and bought a 10mm for backcountry. Hated stock trigger, grouped terribly because of learning curve. Put this in and my groups tightened up by several inches. would have gave five stars but dont like how sometimes I can feel the wall and sometimes I can pull straight through. Either way the trigger is much lighter. I dont like how the angled part of this piece has a rounded inside angle rather than the hard angle the stock piece has even though it uses tension to hold it together. Hoping with time it will wear in and not give any problems but none so far. Will try the safety spring next as its only part of the drop system.Will not mess with stock plunger geometry though as thats part of the system that makes it go bang.

Great upgrade and made a noticeable difference


Replaced the minus connector that came with the TTI Grandmaster Kit with this "Black Yikes" connector, and it brought my trigger pull down to 2.4 - 3.2lbs depending on fast or slow you pull the trigger gauge. The best trigger combo I have used in a Glock.



I purchased this for my g19x, there is a definite difference in my trigger now its smother and all around better. I love it and recommend it for every one

Try this, you’ll love it!


I used the Black Yikes in a P80 that I just built. I shot it yesterday and the trigger pull is like butter! I love it!

Reset in Gen 5 isn't great, otherwise good product


Easy install as with all drop in Glock connectors. This one required a little bit of bending to sit close to flush with the trigger housing by installing it upside down and applying some gentle pressure, then flipping it around to correct orientation. Had to try this a couple of times before the trigger bar would go into place properly and stop the slide from feeling like it was catching when racked. Once installed, trigger pull was noticeably lighter and worked as advertised. On my Gen 5 G19 MOS, the reset was less than desirable. It wasn't tactile at all, and the sound of it was more of a soft plastic clunk rather than a sharp click. I installed it into my Gen 4 G19 and it performs much better with better feeling and sounding reset. I put my Ghost back in the Gen 5 which previously lived in the Gen 4. Now both of them work as I like, so I'm keeping this connector. TLDR - feel and reset is better in Gen 4, reset not positive in Gen 5 but will lighten pull.

A very happy customer!


I love it! My trigger feels much smoother yet I still know when it’s going to fire with no problem. I’m getting these for all of my Glocks!

Stands up to the hype and more!


OK so at first when I ordered this I was skeptical. You know you see a lot of hype about different products and seldom do you actually experience what the product claims. HOWEVER, this thing is actually STUNNINGLY better. I was so surprised how smooth the trigger was when I pulled it the first time with this connector installed. THERE IS NO WALL! Amazing !!! I ran out of practice ammo. Can't wait to go back to the range and shoot some more.

Used in my g22 build w/ oem trigger and I'm in love <3


Bought this for my g22 build. Used an OEM trigger and swapped in the BY 3.0 connector. I'm coming from a springfield xdm .40 that I loved but got bored with. This regular glock trigger with nothing but the BY connector upgrade and a polish job (NOT ON THE BY THOUGH, you can remove the coating) is literally the best feeling trigger I have ever put a finger on. It is a very smooth experience and is noticeably lighter than any stock glock I've ever shot . I will drop this in to any future gun I build including my upcoming EDC build.

Love the Glock HandGuns


It’s the best handgun I found love the Glock 22/49 cal

Minor gunsmithing


Bought this part and and pleased with performance but had to file off coating on the portion that fits into trigger housing to get proper fit, otherwise would have to press way to had to get fully installed . Never should have to force anything .

Just wow!


What a world of difference! I installed the Black Yikes connector, coming from stock, on my G19 Gen 5 in about 5 minutes. I immediately noticed the shorter trigger pull and reset. I think the biggest different though is the wall. It’s almost no take-up. You squeeze the trigger and you’re almost immediately at the wall and...bang. The reset happens as soon as you let off the trigger.

I haven’t tested this at the range yet but I can’t wait! For this price and the functionality, great deal!

Yikes!! or Not Yikes ?


In my Glock 23 I have used the GlockStore extra power (6#) trigger spring and the Glock – (3.5 – 4.0) or what ever they are calling I now.

My Digital Trigger Gauge results for an average of 5 pulls = 3lb 8.2 ounces.

I installed the Double diamond YIKES connector and;

My Digital Trigger Gauge results for an average of 5 pulls = 3lb 6.2 ounces.

I spent the day on our steel target range expending over 300 rounds without any surprises.

So is it YIKES or Not Yikes? By that I mean is it a great improvement over the Glock – connector or not. It registers 2 ounces less than the Glock – connector and is reliable. Glock – connectors are as hard to find as hens teeth, so, yes I say YIKES!.



I replaced my well worn-in G27 factory connector and springs with this an the spring kit from GlockStore and it went from smooth to super smooth and VERY light. It's not far off from the trigger of a revolver when the hammer is back. Obviously a little more travel but not that much more pressure on the trigger pull.

Smooth trigger break


Pleasantly surprised how crisp and smooth the break is on my Gen 5 19. This is a good upgrade and worth every penny. I will buy more.

You won't be disappointed!


I installed this on a Gen 3 Model 21. It made a huge improvement. Very smooth pull. Crisp trigger break. I'm going to buy another for my Model 22.