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Double Diamond 3.5 Pound Connector for Glock

SKU: 1049
Quite simply, the best 3.5 lb. connector on the market today! It's lighter, crisper, and more consistent… pull after pull. Guaranteed to improve accuracy and speed!

Watch the installation video online now!

Fits all Glocks including Gen3, Gen4 and Gen5, except Glock 42/43/43x/48. 

For Glock 42/43/43x/48, click here
After years of research and development, we are pleased to offer the Double Diamond 3.5 lb. connector for Glocks.

Once you perform the easy "do it yourself" installation, you'll immediately notice the lighter pull, the crisp release, and the consistent feel.

The Double Diamond connector is coated in NP3, resulting in a dry lubricated, low friction surface that is both extremely hard and wear resistant.

With the all new Double Diamond 3.5 lb. connector you'll INCREASE your accuracy by DECREASING the amount of muzzle movement when you pull the trigger. It really is that simple!

Fits all Glocks including Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5, except G42 and G43.
For the G42/43, click here

This is a GlockStore factory product, made to exacting tolerances, and we stand behind it with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Well worth it

by -

I bought this because I hated the factory trigger. Was having trouble getting a GOOD zero on my RMR trijicon. Saw this a decided to give it a try. I used the video that Lenny Migils made for glock. I was a little nervous about messing with the trigger. Leany made it easy even a 5th grader can follow and install. Made a BIG difference smoothed the trigger right out.

Expected and unexpected at the same time results


Factory trigger was making me shake right before the shot breaks decided to buy this connector and i was expecting good results but i wasn’t expecting my trigger on my G20 become as smooth as a G34’s. My groups are significantly smaller easily covered by a fist my rapid fire groups now stay within the chest area soccer ball size. The NCP coating is awesome super smooth. Very pleased with this purchase.

Buy it!

by -

Works just like Lenny said on the videos. I went shooting today, and it worked great. It's definitely softer, and had more control. Well worth the money, this is a must have.



Made my G19 a fine shooting piece. Easy to install, watch the video, it works fine and is pretty easy to install.

Lighter, Crisper pull DD+ A+


Yes this has realy helped greatly was big diffrence Lighter more crisper smoolther the great spot along with changed triger spring with 1128 Competition trigger spring 6 lbs , wow.
Shooting it today from start was a knock down plates every time no miss left drop.

Don't think about it just get it


I got my Double Diamond 3.5Lb Connector today an I love it i have a glock 23 gen5 really easy to put in and when right to the range and it was amazing and to anyone thats thinking about getting one stop thinking and get it

Double Diamond Hands Down!


I originally ordred a Ghost 3.5 lb trigger connector from Brownells which doesn't fit Gen 3 Glock 19 (even though its advertised as does). After realizing it doesnt fit and a review about someones glock going full auto on the range with a ghost connector I decided on the DD 3.5 trigger from Glock store. Night and Day compared to the stock Glock trigger connector. Took it to the range yesterday and so smooth, first shot dead bullseye. Has a nice smooth break to it. I added a Apex trigger and they both work together beautifully. Still gives you just enough resistance but you can definitley feel the difference.

This connector earned it's 5 stars.

by -

This is the way all Glock connectors should be. I was hesitant to buy this connector, but remembered that the trigger on my G19 was mushy and rather unpredictable. This cured it. This is as close to a 1911 trigger as you are likely to get on a Glock, and it's as close as it needs to be. This connector definitely earned it's 5 stars.



I just installed on my gen3 Glock 21. Wow what a difference! Amazing trigger pull and short quick reset. Easy installation video on YouTube. I’m ordering another one for my 34 right now.

Thanks Lenny ! Glock On !

by -

Bought 2 of these. 1 for the Gen5 17 and the other went into the Gen5 34. For such a quick install it really made the difference I was looking for. Smoothed it out and much easier to shoot. Quick and Easy transaction with Glockstore. Recommend it for sure. Thanks Lenny !

Great part!


This part provided a much smoother trigger pull on my stock trigger, and doing so without effecting Glock’s signature reliability. All for less than 30 bucks.

Works as advertised. Throwdown your 25$. The best few bucks you'll ever spend on your Glock.

by -

Super easy to install in my 19 Gen5. I could feel the difference on the first trigger pull. Smoother, lighter, shorter. A no-brainer for 25$.

Great Value, Great feel, Reliable

by -

Great improvement on the stock trigger for the price. Throw in a trigger shoe of your choice, and you are set. 2k rounds through it, no issues.

Fits the 19 gen 5 Glock performance trigger!


Was able to get this on the father's day free shipping offer, which made it a really good deal. I had to confirm with customer service that it would fit on the Glock performance trigger for my 19 Gen 5 (add that to the website description please). I watched Lenny's and a few other videos and installed it with no problem on the 2nd try. Start to finish less than 5 minutes including disassembly & reassembly. My trigger pull gauge tells me I am at 3.62 lbs. Looking forward to range time with it.