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Glock Factory Extended Slide Stop Lever

$17.95 to $17.99
SKU: 6102
This is a factory Glock extended slide stop lever with a larger surface area that allows the shooter to maintain a better grip when releasing the slide at increased speeds.

Also check out the NEW Extended Slide Stop for G43! See item #1311

Please note: Does not work on Gen5 models.

17/17L/19/20SF/21SF/22/23/26/27/29SF/30SF/31/32/33/34/40/41 option also fits Glock 24 and 35
The Glock Factory Extended Slide Stop Lever is a little longer than the standard piece and provides better leverage, easier access, and the ability to maintain the same grip when accessing this lever.

This is a factory Glock extended slide stop lever with a larger surface area that allows the shooter to maintain a better grip when releasing the slide at increased speeds. There is no need to change hand, eye, or head position — due to the feel of the lever. The Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever also reduces recovery time for both strong and weak hands.

How do I determine the right part?
There are two different models for the Extended Slide Stop Lever. One is for Glock models manufactured before 2002 and the other is for Glock models manufactured after 2002. Basically, if your Glock has one pin above the trigger, it was manufactured before 2002, if your Glock has two pins above the trigger, it was manufactured after 2002.

Pay special attention to the "spike limiter" located just above the trigger pin hole. Slide Stop Levers with the "spike limiter" will only fit in Glocks with one pin above the trigger, which were manufactured before 2002.

Please double-check to ensure you've selected the appropriate slide stop lever for your Glock.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Very needed...


This is a very valuable improvement compared to the stock slide lever that comes with Glock. Pretty easy to install, but watch the video because there is a simple "trick" that Mr Lenny Magill teaches that will make installing a snap in just seconds... The extension on this slide stop level is literally "just enough" for your thumb to easily activate it, yet, not protruding out to much to be in the way at all... Literally "just perfect"... But still, make sure to watch the video for installing, because there is a small simple trick that Mr Magill teaches that will be "night & day" for installing. Simple little trick is all...

Glock factory ext slide release


Works great compared to factory original...only drawback is it loses its finish rapidly

Ohh Yea!


Sure touch Extended lever and Glock Factory extended lever both are great. I went with Glock factory due to the look it has compared to sure touch.

Great product!

Glock should make these a standard feature!


There are many how-to videos on YouTube that will demonstrate the procedure to swap out the factory slide release and install this one. Seriously, order one to day and make the switch...you will be so happy with the results.

Extended slide stop


Night and day difference, this is probably in my top 5 favorite "upgrades" I've done for ANY pistol.

Practically Necessary for Left Handers


I manipulate both the magazine release and slide stop with my shooting hand as a left-handed shooter. The stock slide stop is too flush to manipulate with my trigger finger without difficulty, and tends to hurt after a few times. With the extension I'm able to use the knuckle of my trigger finger to easily bring the slide forward. The added lip additionally acts as a more effective fulcrum, aiding in manipulation.

Nice upgrade, and an essential one for us southpaws!

must have!


i have a glock 21 gen 4 and the width of the barrel and slide makes the factory slide release a bit hard to pull down, or maybe its my big hands. i installed it within a minute and it shaves off seconds to chamber a round. i recommend you get one, if your factory is small and it takes some serious effort to pull it down.

Extended slide stop lever


Bought a pair of these for my Glock 17 & 26. I have small hands & this makes releasing the slide so much easier after inserting a new magazine. Easy installation with the online Glockstore video.

Glock Factory Extended Slide Stop Lever


I have small hands. The extended slide stop lever makes it really easy to release the slide after putting in a new magazine. The Glockstore video makes the installation a breeze.



Exactly what I was looking for. I checked out some of the other 'enhanced' slide stop levers and opted for this one due to the fact that it looks almost exactly like the factory slide stop, with the addition of the little protrusion that aids in easy manipulation of the slide stop lever. Not too big, and not too small. I only use it to lock the slide to the rear (which is what it's designed to do), and it's so much easier to engage then the factory slide stop lever, even with slippery hands or while wearing gloves. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Installation was quick and easy, and it works perfectly. Glock pistols should come with this part straight from the factory. And as usual, super fast shipping.

Extended Slide Stop


I was going to install the Double Diamond 3.5 lb connector and decided as long as I'm taking my gun apart why not do this too. I'm very happy I did. The original slide stop was a pain to use. This new extended slide stop works great.

Just waiting for the G42 and G43 version to come out


Title says it all. Any Idea when the G42/43 version will be coming out? Ready to give you my money!

Need more of them


I am a southpaw and these make all the difference in the world. I have one on my G30. I am putting one on my G26, G23 and my G34. If they decide to make one for the G43 l will put one on it as well.

Works Great!


Slide lever on my Gen 4 G21 seemed very flat & took a lot of effort to release. This simple, under a minute to install upgrade made a huge difference and was the perfect fix. Great service & prompt shipping.

Glock Quality Never Ends


I have these on my G23, G27, and G41. They work great. I really like the extra real-estate they provide. As with most Glock items, they are an easy install. What expect from Glock... they just work.

Excellent craftsmanship, love the color contrast with frame.


The extended slide stop and the extended mag release parts are both well made. Instruction videos make it easy to do the installation quickly and accurately. Operation with the new parts is as expected - definite improvement over original parts. I like the how the red color makes the slide release and mag release stand out from the black frame. I will definitely retrofit all my handguns with similar parts from GlockStore. My demographics: 70 yrs old, ex-Navy and Airline pilot, Engineer.

Great item!


Love it! I should have done this years ago. Upgrading my 10 year old G17/Gen 3, added the Titanium striker and Titanium rounded plunger, new striker sleeve, cups and extractor depressor plunger spring too. 3 round mag extensions gives me 21 rds. Adding this balances the gun out nicely! No more top heavy feeling. DD 3.5# connector is next.

Great Videos, Very Helpful!

Love it!


Easy to install, Works great.

Easy & Awesome


Easy to install (less than two minutes per firearm by a non-handyman) and an AWESOME addition. It is difficult to imagine that what is, essentially, a small additional tab would make SO MUCH DIFFERENCE,

PS: I also got one for my Gen5 19 - same five stars!

old hand new lever


I am old and my Glock is old, probably pre gen 1 if there is such a thing. I just installed this slide stop dohicky on my pistol. It took about half a minute if you don't count how long it took me to get up the tools to do it. I'm not sure a professional gunsmith would approve of what I used but it worked.
Gratifyingly, the tiny little bit of added metal on the slide stop lever made it much easier for my arthritic hand to manipulate the weapon. I can now release the slide with one hand rather than the 2 required with the stock lever.
It is astounding to me that someone can come up with such a simple fix to an unnecessary problem.

Action fluid and simple increase his confidence and handling gun


Wasn't difficult to install. Action on it is fluid and very simple notice speed will increase recommend this product highly. Will not interfere with concealed carry!!!

Inexpensive, Excellent, Necessary


Excellent product. No need to describe, this product does what it says it will do.

Great product


Thanks Glockstore. Great product.

a must have


Great fit in my 23, a must have in my opinion.

Side note: when installing, I did not seat the spring properly so it wouldn't reset the trigger every time I racked it. I moved the

Perfect Slide Release


Perfect extension for my Glock 17. Not too large but makes releasing the slide a snap compared to the stock lever.