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Aluminum Extended Magazine Release

$28.76 $31.95
SKU: 1100
$28.76 $31.95
Get faster and easier magazine changes!

Aluminum — NOT Plastic!

This extended magazine release button for Gen3 Glock handguns allows faster and easier magazine changes because it is larger and easier to access.

Machined from Aluminum, this item is available in Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Pink, and Blue.

Extended Contact Surface

Easier Reach for Quick Mag Drop

Silver and Gold options match the Metallic Pin and Extended Controls Kit

Fits all Gen 3 Glocks except G36.
Not Gen 4 Compatible. Will not fit G42 or G43. May have issues in polymer 80 builds.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Awesome mag release


High quality aluminum, fits perfectly, looks amazing, and functions ever better. Great product glockstore. Thanks Lenny. You're store is amaxing, and all the parts I've upgraded my glock with have all come from here.

Didn't work in my gen 3 G17


I installed this and it didn't work in my Gen 3 G17. The magazine fell out after every shot. No I was not hitting it. Yes I installed it correctly. I returned it to Glock Store and the gave me another but I had the same issue. In between I put the OEM mag release back in as well as now and both times it has functioned without incident. I bought the MARS mag release for my wife and it works great. Will go with that one a well. Disappointing. I was not able to find anything wrong with this mag release so I'd assume it is a problem with my frame maybe. The gun is newer as well as the mags but have put 1,000 plus rounds through so it is good and broken in. Dunno if you'll have the same issue... it is just what I experienced.

Great for Home Defense/Speed Guns


First the part worked for me I did add a battery of all but live fire with and without dummy loads loaded and unloaded magazines. Reinforcing gun safety is key. For both 17/22 and 21/20 types I found it greatly improved mag release action and tactibility. Easy dark prep part, have some doubts about concealability but not bad.

Great quality


For me it is a bit long. Longer than other extended releases i own. Initially it was to sharp on the leading edge that it was gouging my magazine when it was inserted. A slight sanding on the radius cured it. But, i have the silver one. I feel like another color would show the sanding. Not where it would be seen if it was done carefully. Overall, great quality, easy install and functions perfect. Like i said it is a personal preference issue, not product issue.

Extended Magazine release


I thought the edge's were sharp and it did raise up quite a bit out of the frame.
Installed quite easily. Had to tweak it to meet my use. G-21SF
Took almost 3-months to receive it. They never could tell me when to expect shipment. Its in production! With no production date available, what kind of answer is that.

Sharp edges, otherwise fine


I got the silver one for my G19 Gen 3 build. It's high quality and works fine but the edges are machined to be very sharp. This only is a problem on the inside curve where the magazine first touches it and it shaves part of the plastic off. I had to file it slightly to prevent mag damage so I have to take 1 star off.

File before install


Beautiful finish and easy install. Looks amazing and functioned* very well. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was it gouged two mags before I realized it, so will have to do some filing on the lower right inside edge. It would be an easy design fix.Hint, hint. Other than that, great product.

Awesome upgrade


Awesome! I am new to guns and the G23 Gen 3 is my first gun. The release is easy to install using the GlockStore video (I highly recommend subscribing to their channel on YouTube). Prior to installing I had to use 2 hands to release the magazine. Now I don't even have to shift my grip. I highly recommend this upgrade.

Don't Shave this Part Down... Replace it with a Polymer Mag Release


I purchased this item for my G27. It arrived in great time. However, after installing it I started noticing plastic shavings on my workbench. Turns out the aluminum edges are quite sharp and shaving my magazines to a point the release was not holding the magazine in place. A few reviewers previously mentioned shaving the lower edge down a bit so that it no longer shaves the magazine.

I have to recommend not doing that. I called the Glock Store and spoke with someone who recommended a polymer product that extends the mag release without shaving the magazines.

Much better option and does not void the warranty (or product return.)

Good, but maybe not for concealed carry


This is a great magazine release, but unsuitable for concealed carry in some circumstances. It extends out further than a standard magazine release, which is what makes it easier to use, but that also means it can get activated while your gun is in a holster, and the magazine can fall out. Obviously that could depend on what style and model holster you use, so your mileage might vary. I use Crossbreed SuperTuck inside the waistband holsters exclusively, and I imagine any similar IWB holster using such a hybrid, leather/kydex design would present a similar problem. That's what happens with my G30SF. Too bad, because it looks great in red! It works fine in my other guns that I don't concealed carry, so it's still very useful.