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Tungsten Guide Rod for Glock Gen5

$69.95 to $89.95
SKU: 1198
$69.95 to $89.95

Improves Accuracy and Speed! 
Reduces recoil and muzzle flip! 
Glock 17 version also fits the Glock 34 
Glock 19 version fits in Glock 19X, 45& 47
Glock 26 uses the same as the Gen 3/4 found here. 

Our Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod uses the same factory weight springs except on a tungsten body which is significantly stronger and heavier that the factory plastic guide rod. 

Available with Stainless, Black, Gold, Red, Blue, FDE, Pink caps — which can be seen under the barrel. Please select color option.

Finally, the SUPER HEAVY Tungsten Guide Rod is now available for your Gen5 Glock. This SUPER HEAVY Tungsten Guide Rod is guaranteed to reduce felt recoil and significantly reduce muzzle jump. You will be able to shoot faster and more accurately shot to shot and target to target!

• Reduces Felt Recoil in your hand
• Reduces Muzzle Flip and Muzzle Jump
• Feels Better Balanced
• You will Shoot Faster & More Accurately — Guaranteed!

Weighs 53.29 grams — three times as heavy as the factory plastic!

Springs are captured on Guide Rod Assembly, completely assembled, ready to drop in and shoot. Installs in seconds ... no gunsmithing or tools required.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Small investment for improved accuracy


Got the Guide Rod for my Gen-5 Glock 26 in Red. Looks pretty cool and helps with recoil and keeping shots accurately grouped. Solid product with great engineering. Cheap investment to improve you shooting.

Way bigger upgrade than anticipated


I have put about 40 thousand rounds through my 9mm G45. It was standard maintenance time to replace all its springs so i decided might as well try this. Made a massive difference with my red dot. Reduces recoil enough to where I can keep the red dot visible in my trijicon RMR sight window at all times. Before using this guide rod i would need a bigger sight window like on a trijicon SRO to do that. That significantly reduced my split times and increased accuracy along with it.



This is one of the best mods that I've done to my Glock 45. It makes the gun more manageable and reduces recoil.